The Divine Romance, devotional art. Colored pencils 18x24" 2018 SOLD

Bruce Lee. Colored Pencils 20x30" 2019.

Machiko Kyo (Rashomon). Watercolor 22x28" 2019

Sue Dubetz Memorial Portrait.  Colored Pencil 15X20" 2018

Jimi Hendrix. Water Color 22x30" 2016

Kieth Richards. Colored Pencils 16x24" 2016

Prince. Colored Pencils 16x24" 2016

Black Moses. Watercolor. 20x20". 2019. SOLD

Haile Selassie I.  Wood Cut and Oil Paint 12x16" 2018. SOLD.

Miguel Cabrera.  Wood Stain on Wood 40x24" 2012.  SOLD

The Half that was Never Told.  Wood Stain on Wood 24" diameter 2012. SOLD

Teena Marie, Anita Baker, Chaka Khan. Wood Stain on Wood 22x37 2014.

Pavel Datsyuk.  Oil Paint 2013.  SOLD

Burning Spear. Spray paint on wood, sealed in epoxy resin. 17.5" diameter. 2019

Stevie Wonder. Spray paint on wood. 29.5x34.5". 2019

Stevie Wonder. Spray paint with black light. 29.5x34.5". 2019

Al Jarreau. Arcylic Paint on canvas 24x36" 2019.  Commissioned piece.

Tory and his Daughters. Colored pencils 20x30" 2019.  Commissioned piece. 

Lionel Lemieux, my grandfathers WWII Portrait.  Oil Paint 26x27 2016

Bengali Poet Rabindranath Tagore.  Pencil 11x14" 2018.

Pip the Jack Russell. Graphite and white pencil on tinted paper. 12x18 2018

Shanti Plus. Graphite and white pencil on tinted paper 12x14" 2019. Commissioned piece.

Jordan. Graphite and white pencil on tinted paper 12x16" 2018.

Tiger of Sense Gratification. Epoxy resin, spray paint, leaves and aquarium gravel 5x12" 2019.

Know Thyself. Adobe Illustrator 2019.

Amma.  Adobe Illustrator 2019.

Ital No Lies. Adobe Illustrator 2019.

Musical Shaman Lee Perry. Adobe Illustrator 2019.

Don Carlos. Adobe Illustrator 2019.

Rita Marley. Adobe Illustrator 2019.

Skarpion.  Adobe Illustrator 2019.

Jerry.  Adobe Illustrator 2019.

David Hinds of Steel Pulse. Spray paint and stencils on a skateboard. 2015.

Peter Tosh. Spray paint and stencils on a skateboard. 2015.

HR of Bad Brains. Spray paint and stencils on a skateboard. 2015. SOLD.

Bob Marley.  Graphite on paper. 2011.

Arrecife Costa Rica. Oil paint. 2010.

2002 album cover for Sista Otis and the Wholly Rollers. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 2002.

 © 2019 Jah Sunny Arts AKA Jeremy Johnson-LeMieux

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